Drop-off Catering

Budget-friendly options

If you love our food but don’t need a full service catered event? Georgia Southern BBQ will bring the party to you with our drop-off catering service for any occasion or event!  Our drop-off menu items have been designed to keep it simple but still wow your guests, as they require no on-site prep work or catering staff.​

We cook the foods fresh at our location, keep the hot food hot in our warmers for the trip, and set up the food buffet style. You may also have the option of having a server (or multiple servers) to stay, who will maintain the buffet, help clear tables, serve if requested, and will break everything down at the end for you.

On Site Catering

Georgia Southern BBQ love to cater all types of events with or without our food truck. Our bbq pit master will ensure the success of your next event.  We will cook and serve the meats fresh at your location. (This is also known as “off-premise catering”). We include the complete buffet setup with serving tent(s) for the food. The typical time for most on site events starts at 2 hours and the time can be increased from there by having it added on to the end time on your order.

Pick Up by Customer Catering

Budget-friendly option

We cook the foods fresh at our location and load it into your vehicle when you arrive. Typically, the loading time takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes from the time of arrival, so please take this time into consideration when booking your event and setting your pickup time. In addition, we have chafing dishes, sternos, and pans available to keep your hot foods hot as well as disposable travel boxes for the trip. ​

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